Pedro Aguiar made a strong impression with his last release on Pena s Flow Vinyl, I Don’t Want It in May 2013, so it’s only right that he should step up to the plate again this year. He has done so in superb style with Kyoto, an outstanding new track from the Lisbon-based DJ and producer. The last few months have seen Aguiar become one of the most exciting talents to emerge from the Portuguese progressive house scene, and forthcoming releases include an EP for Lost & Found, Guy J s imprint, and a freestyle album on Silicone Soul’s Darkroom Dubs.

Back to Kyoto and this is Aguiar at the deeper, darker edge of his sound. The rolling groove twists and turns through layers of effects creating a hypnotic, late night journey. His exemplary studio skills are plain to hear as he creates an audio landscape which is both trippy and vivid, and full of intricate little touches.

A strong dance beat is at the heart of Kyoto, and this also forms the backbone of the first remix by Alexander Kowalski from Berlin. He adds the flavour of the city’s deep techno vibe to the original making it tougher with extra drums and dubby synths.

Jamie Stevens provides the second remix, and he is well-known through his work with Infusion and now as a solo artist. The Australian takes Kyoto in a different direction with more of a house groove as well as additional percussion and vocals. It s a masterful reworking of the original, and all three tracks are the work of producers on top form. Flow Vinyl in full effect!

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