Eelke Kleijn’s Outside The Box Music returns after an almost 4 month summer hiatus. The labels 83rd release features MUUI returning for his third appearance and a new single. The Aussie producer delivered his excellent ‘Only When It Rains’ in March of this year and has gone on to appear on a wide range of labels this year including: Crossfrontier Audio, 3rd Avenue and Change Audio. MUUI’s new single for Outside The Box is entitled ‘A Perfect Circle’ and it comes with a remix from: Kaap De Goede Hoop.

MUUI’s contemporary blend of styles is quite hard to pin down, ultimately it’s just really creative electronic music that’s got a great sense of musicality along with a great nose for the dance floor. ‘A Perfect Circle’ is certainly one of MUUI’s most inspiring creations to date. The slowly evolving harmonics are absolutely sensational and the floor friendly framework presents it in such a perfect way that the result is something extra special. There is some real magic here so don’t let it slip past you. The lone remix is provided by Kaap De Goede Hoop who adds some serious punch to the mix with driving beats and tough claps all while never losing sight of the killer musical themes from the original. The second original on the release ‘Start Moment Stop’ is equally exciting with a wealth of spacey elements, cool rhythmic stabs and a wicked break which sets the stage nicely for the return of the irresistible groove. A top notch release from Outside The Box and one of our favourites on the label this year.

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