music by Lorenzo Bartoletti
directed by Thomas Pizzinga
featuring Jennifer Settesoldi
shooting: Simone Addis
editing & post production: Elephant Studio (
assistant: Madlene India Sabin
stylist: Samuel Scapigliati
supervision: Manuel Bozzi

Always an influential presence in the Alfa Romero cockpit, label co-owner Lorenzo Bartoletti moves into the driving seat for the label’s 5th outing. Wasting no time, the hotly rated producer flies head first into a wildly intoxicating bassline that lays the foundations of the track throughout. Moving with seemingly unrestrained freedom, the bassline is joined by funkified tech beats to create a truly modern dancefloor cut that is as unique as it is unpredictable. Bristling with an old-school energy, «Smokey Job» is the perfect encapsulation of the debaucherous vibe of rave but infused with a contemporary palette for top-notch production value. It is simply not to be missed.

German stalwart Reboot turns up the tension and works in some wonderfully idiosyncratic rhythms with his remix. Beginning by allowing each sound element plenty of space, Reboot then starts to add tightly crafted drums, intensifying vocals and eventually that killer original bassline into the mix. Still keeping it more reserved and stripped back, he allows the remix to patiently evolve into a highly rhythmical and energetic track with real subtlety. Intricately programmed percussion gives the entire track a restless but restrained feel, creating that tension which makes this such a fantastic remix.

The ultra-expressive freeform dancing and trippy, kaleidoscope aesthetic of the video is the visual embodiment of the free-flowing, energetic nature of Lorenzo’s track. The movement of the girl and the wafting colours of the background drift and flow like the baseline itself, grooving as if with an independent mind of its own. This rich and vivid video is every bit as intoxicating as «Smokey Job» itself, once again proving that Alfa Romero have always got what it takes to shine beneath the disco ball.

Highly acclaimed improvisational artist Massimo Pasca provides the artwork for the release cover.

© 2014 Alfa Romero Recordings
℗ 2014 Even Eights Records

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