Artist: Konektiv
Title: Evolving Aspirations Remixed
Mix: Rodrigo Deem Remix

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Two startling remixes of Konektiv’s genre-blending slice of prog-techno from 2012. ‘Perspectives’ host & LA-based producer / Dj Darin Epsilon provides the first, kicking off with a classic Detroit feel & rumbling sub, he wastes no time in building & filtering the tense hook, unleashing it fully in the drop, polished off with a saturated 909 snare roll which will totally lift any roof. Rodrigo Deem’s mix is a little deeper & atmospheric but still big room stuff, again staying true to the Original, using the twisted mutating hook to full effect under-pined by a huge side-chained bass drone and metallic 808 percussion.

Written and composed by Daniel Mahuad
Arranged and produced by Daniel Mahuad
Published by Solarstone Music Limited
Art by George Bitiusca

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